Kitutuki Maki Gama キツツキ薪窯

I started building this two chambered wood kiln in 2013. Thanks to Gary Moore I found a source of bricks from the old Camark pottery in Camden, Arkansas. The pottery closed down in the 1970’s and had been dormant. During the 2014 I acquired and hauled thousand used bricks and steel I-beams to studio up from Camden,bought some cedar logs for the kiln shed from my neighbor Susan Gateley. Over the year I cleaned the bricks, poured a slab for the stack and built the kiln shed.

Old Camark Kiln before tear down. It was circular kiln with the kiln firing continuously and the pots moved through the kiln, gear driven. It was top of the line when it was built in the 1930’s

Although I did most of the work myself, I did get some excellent help from former students Logan Hunter and Justin Bryant

This is far as i got in 2014