Mad Potter Of The Ozarks

This is a picture George Ohr. The Mad Potter of the Ozarks is a take-off on the title given to Mr. Ohr a potter from the early twentieth century whose aesthetic sensibilities and pottery skills were way a head of his time. He has been called America’s first art potter. The madness in the title might have come from his eccentric and outlandish behavior and that his pots were very adventurous in his exploration of form and suggestion.

I am not a scholar of George Ohr, but I am a great admirer of his fearless exploration of form and expression in his work and his playfulness. I decided to create a domain name to play with these ideas. In my mind I have decided that George Ohr and Marcel Duchamp are connected. One of Duchamp’s more interesting concepts, for me, is the one of the “serious joke” and I think that George Ohr may well have been on to that in his own way.

I’m quaint & very queer,
So is my work, so I appear;
As I write I likewise talk & work,
& otherwise I could not B-
I am no poet, but just mud-
And term myself

Climate Change Joker