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Stephen Driver

I have decided recently to use this site as a vehicle for experimentation. There are a lot of things I will be attempting to work out and put into words and work. This still will be a site where you will be able to look at our art and purchase, but it will also be a place where I will play with an idea of Marcel Duchamp that he calls “the serious joke”. You will see in the Menu subjects like Sangre de Mora Mermelada and Little Stevie’s Raccoon Removal. These are part of my fantasy corporate empire. I actually make my own jam and I do help my neighbors by removing raccoons from their gardens. The serious joke.

I like to think of the making of functional pots as a subversive activity. What I make is art but most people would consider what I do as Craft or Decorative Art and with that a kind of diminished status. Subversive in that my intent is to design and make objects for daily use that communicate and convey, something much more than just utilitarian function. Art in plain sight or what I like to call the secret life of objects.

Stephen Driver – Resume

About Louise

Louise Halsey has been weaving since 1971 though with an ever-changing focus. Her first works were shawls, scarves, table runners and rugs. She has made rugs of wool as well as ones from fabric strips that were hand dyed for a custom order business. Now she weaves tapestries on her four-harness floor loom with images of houses, abstract geometrics and clouds. While in graduate school she expanded her passion to go beyond the loom and include becoming a performance artist with a humorous bent.