About Us

Stephen Driver moved to the Ozarks in 1976 and started building his house and studio and kiln. Louise Halsey, soon to become his wife, came in 1977 and she was a weaver with a desire to move back to the land. Their lives have gone through many changes since those early days. A new phase starts with the opening of their sales space, Little Mulberry Gallery, on the first floor of their home. The home and gallery are located in an area known for great canoeing, camping and hiking. Their hope is to attract visitors who will also appreciate the beauty of their work created amidst so much natural beauty.

About Stephen

Steve Driver has been making pots professionally for 41 years and wood firing his work for the last 34. He owned and ran Mulberry Creek Pottery for 18 years before entering into university teaching for a period of 20 years. Steve is coming back to making pots fulltime after twenty years of teaching. One of his first projects is building a new two-chambered kiln, an anagama style tube kiln with a noborigama salt chamber on the back. This kiln is scheduled to be finished sometime in the spring of 2015. If you look through the rest of the web site you will see the range and extent of his passion for clay, curiosity, interests, and successful projects.

Stephen Driver – Resume

About Louise

Louise Halsey has been weaving since 1971 though with an ever-changing focus. Her first works were shawls, scarves, table runners and rugs. She has made rugs of wool as well as ones from fabric strips that were hand dyed for a custom order business. Now she weaves tapestries on her four-harness floor loom with images of houses, abstract geometrics and clouds. While in graduate school she expanded her passion to go beyond the loom and include becoming a performance artist with a humorous bent.